ODD MAN OUT - Trombones & Rhythm
  • ODD MAN OUT - Trombones & Rhythm
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Odd Man Out is a seven bar blues, in seven. Seven bars times seven beats equals 49 beats – one beat more than a standard twelve bar blues would have (in 4/4). Hence the name – Odd Man Out.

It’s a great showcase for a trombone ensemble to show off its range of talent, pitting Trombones 1 & 2 against each other in a Quien Es Mas Macho moment – both on the melody, and in solos over blues changes.

The song/arrangement is reminiscent of Horace Silver/Cedar Walton era funky jazz – with a more contemporary polyrhythmic feel during the “aftermath” at the end of the song. With the addition of a talented rhythm section, this song can easily be a highlight moment on any program.

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